In the absence of Mrs Lewis who is completing her maternity leave:

Mrs Neilson is currently the Acting Head Teacher.

Mrs Fiendley has assumed the role of Assistant Heat Teacher.

Miss Wright is currently the Nursery teacher.

In all classes, the school timetable has been adapted to allow for social distancing between classes as they are being dropped off and collected.

Please be prompt and follow social distancing guidelines

  IN - OUT
Year N: 9.00am - 12/3pm
Year R: 8.45am - 3.00pm
Year 1: 9.00am - 3.10pm
Year 2: 9.10am - 3.20pm
Year 3: 8.50am - 3.05pm
Year 4: 9.00am - 3.15pm
Year 5: 9.10am - 3.25pm
Year 6: 8.40am - 2.55pm

Children spend the majority of time in their class bubbles. This is to prevent transmission of Coronavirus between classes. Where classes use shared spaces, e.g. the hall, the space is cleaned between use. The children do access the outdoor space in Key Stage bubbles as there is a much lower risk of transmission outdoors.

Staff allocations have been temporarily changed to prevent staff having to work across ‘bubbles’.

School are closely following the guidance given to school by the DfE. Our risk assessment and practice is updated regularly to reflect changes to the advice received.

Lunchtime – years 2-6 eat lunch in their classroom at their tables. The classroom is then cleaned. Year R and year 1 eat in the hall. Surfaces in their classrooms are also cleaned at lunchroom.

We continue to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children. Visiting teachers are still attending school to deliver PE, Music and Spanish, and this is is in line with government guidance.

Homework is now sent home by email on Friday. We ask that parents send in a photograph of the homework completed by their children via the class email. If any of our families cannot access e-mail they should inform their child’s teacher and a paper copy will be provided. This should be returned to school on Monday and will be quarantined for 72hrs before marking.

Reading – children are still expected to read 5 times per week. Reading books should be returned to school on a Friday to be changed. We have two sets of books in each class and returned book will be quarantined for 72hrs.

After school clubs have been temporarily postponed (this does not affect wraparound provision).

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