Committee Impact Statement 2018-19

This statement outlines the key accomplishments and impact of the Local Governing Body for the 2018-19 academic year and the strategic decisions that were made to achieve these.

Outstanding judgement from Ofsted

School Committee Members of the school are clear on their role and responsibilities. Experienced School Committee Members have a comprehensive understanding of the strengths of the school and the areas for further improvement. School Committee Members have the experience and knowledge that allows them to challenge leaders and hold them to account. They themselves are held to account by the trustees. School Committee Members understand the challenges facing the local community. They share the same passion and commitment seen from all who work at the school. Training ensures that they keep up to date with new initiatives. They collaborate effectively with other School Committee Members within the trust to share ideas and expertise. School Committee Members are kept well informed through detailed reports from leaders. They understand clearly how well pupils are doing compared to other pupils nationally. School Committee Members seek clarification when there are any changes to the progress pupils are making. School Committee Members check the accuracy of information and review the impact of actions taken to improve outcomes for pupils by talking to staff and to pupils about their learning. School Committee Members have commissioned external reviews from a number of nationally recognised organisations and professionals to ratify the judgements of leaders. The impact of School Committee Members’ work resulted in an outstanding judgement from Ofsted in February 2019, not only for ‘Effectiveness for Leadership and Management,’ but across the board in all aspects of the framework.

School Improvement Priorities

The Committee Body, together with the Headteacher, evaluated the school’s performance through a range of rigorous and robust monitoring exercises. These exercises include data analysis, scrutiny of impact reports from leaders and involvement in monitoring during School Committee Morning. As a result of taking an active role in school self-evaluation, School Committee Members were able to establish accurate and measurable school improvement priorities for 2018-19.

Equality and Diversity

The Chair of School Committee Members has worked very closely alongside the Headteacher to establish the school’s Equality Objectives for 2018 and beyond. Agreeing the objectives involved the Chair coaching the Headteacher, and the Chair, Headteacher and SLT conducting a full audit to identify the school’s current performance in relation to the three aims of the Equality Duty and promotion of the protected characteristics. The audit involved the scrutiny of pupil data, pupil books, teacher’s planning, gauging the views of stakeholders, and the examination of the school environment and resources. The impact of this work is that the Equality Plan satisfies legal requirements and accurately pinpoints objectives and future actions.

Fundamental British Values

Through close work between the Committee Body and school leaders, the profile of Fundamental British Values (FBVs) has been raised. The training provided by the Chair of School Committee Members supported leaders in establishing areas for development, which across the course of the year have been achieved. Long term plans now identify where the various FBVs will be taught within the curriculum, staff are confident in their own understanding of the FBVs and how to communicate this to the children in their class, FBV work is now evidenced, collective worship routinely links to FBVs and class libraries contain high-quality age appropriate books that promote FBVs.

Basic Skills Quality Mark

In February 2019, the Committee Body and school leaders secured the Basic Skills Quality Mark for the school. This is because School Committee Members hold leaders to account with regards to English and Maths provision and pupil outcomes. Leaders confidently analyse pupil progress and attainment and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning. This leads to School Committee Members and staff identifying areas of improvement and future actions to be taken. After conducting a range of monitoring exercises, leaders feedback the impact of their work to the School Committee Members who offer support and challenge to drive forward further improvement in English and Mathematics to ensure provision in these areas is of the highest quality.

Rights Respecting School Gold Accreditation

The Rights Respecting Steering Group, with Governor representation have successfully led the school to achieving the Gold Rights Respecting School Gold Accreditation this year. This award recognises that St Mary and St Thomas have fully embedded the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in school practice and ethos. To achieve this award the Steering Group has drafted and evaluated action plans, led staff training, conducted monitoring exercises such as collecting pupil voice and evaluate the impact of actions taken.

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