St Mary & St Thomas CE Primary School Governor Impact Statement 2017-18

This statement outlines the key accomplishments and impact of the Local Governing Body for the 2017-18 academic year and the strategic decisions that were made to achieve these.

Development of Staff:

Through the Headteacher’s report and meetings with curriculum team leaders, the LGB have an accurate picture of the developments of staff within the school and the high-quality CPD which they receive on a termly basis. The LGB prioritised school spending to ensure that in 2017-18 our staff continued to access high-qualityCPD which had a direct impact on the quality of teaching and learning delivered to our pupils.This also enabled the staff to share best practice with teachers from other schools enabling them to develop their practise to impact upon the pupils in school.


The Local Governing Body holds the Headteacher (HT) to account with regards to standards on a termly basis. The Headteacher’s report includes a section on standards which is closely monitored by the Governing Body. In the autumn term, the LGB, along with the HT, analysed the previous year’s data along with the national data and identified strengths to feed into the school self-evaluationandidentified areas for development. These areas for development related to attainment at the end of each key stage. These areas for development were then reported on and discussed at each subsequent meeting until the final data was reported. This resulted in outstanding outcomes for the children at the end of EYFS and KS1. A key achievement was the % of children reaching a good level of development increased from 57% in 2016-17 to 67% in 2017-18 with 4% of pupils exceeding across all the prime areas.

Development of the SMSC curriculum:

The Local Governing Body have worked alongside the HT and senior leadership team to develop the SMSC curriculum with a focus on promoting the UNICEF convention of the ‘Rights of a child’ to help further our work around pupil leadership and pupil voice. A steering group was established which consisted of staff, pupils and governors to help to evaluate current provision and the plan next steps in further developing the SMSC curriculum. This group met regularly and at each Governors’ meeting, progress on the design and the development of the curriculum was discussed and Governors would question to evaluate the impact of the work that had been carried out. At each Governor open morning, the Governors witnessed in person the impact of the development of the curriculum on the pupils by collecting pupil voice and talking to them about their learning. The further impact of this work was evident when the school was awarded both the Bronze and Silver award in the 2017-18 academic year.

Effective Leadership and Management of a Church school

The Local Governing Body have worked alongside the HT and senior leadership team to effectively lead and manage a church school. This has been achieved through the LGB having an active role in the self-evaluation of the school and then working effectively with the HT, SLT and the Curriculum Team Leader to plan next steps for development which featured in the school development plan, ensuring these are carried out effectively and then assessing the impact of this work. The LGB have also taken a lead role in ensuring that the school has a distinctive Christian character and ethos and that faith and our Christian values underpins the work we carry out. The impact of this work was evident when the school gained an ‘Outstanding’ judgement in the SIAMs inspection which explicitly praised the effective work of the LGB.

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