CEO: Mrs Kirsty Tennyson

Acting Headteacher: Mrs Diane Neilson


Year 6 Staff:

Teachers: Mrs Parry and Mrs Fiendley

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Rainford


Year 5 Staff:

Teacher: Mr Jones

Learning Support Assistant: Miss Wilson


Year 4 Staff:

Teacher: Miss Thorp

Learning Support Assistants: MrLacey


Year 3 Staff:

Teachers: Miss Richardson & Mrs Mulvihill (pm)

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Rainford & Miss Barnes


Year 2 Staff:

Teachers: Mrs Murphy, Mrs Mulvihill (am) & Mrs Caesar (pm)

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Brown


Year 1 Staff:

Teachers: Miss Heaton & Mrs Caesar (am)

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Rainford & Miss Stubbs (am)


Reception Staff:

Teacher: Miss Bowen

Learning Support Assistants: Miss McDonald, Mrs Draper (am) & Miss Stubbs (pm)


Nursery Staff:

Teacher: Miss Wright

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Banks and Mrs Hitchen


Director of Wellbeing: Miss Smith

Attendance Officer/ Family Support Worker: Miss Shields

Additional Learning Support Assistant: Miss McLean

Office Administrators: Mrs Murtagh and Mrs Field

Site Manager: Mr Hurstfield

ICT Technician: Mr Gilhooley

Catering/Cleaning Staff: Miss Stubbs, Mrs Smith & Miss Greenall

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Ball


Staff allocations may have been temporarily changed to prevent staff having to work across 'bubbles'.

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